Isaiah 28:10 – For He says, “Order on order, order on order, Line on line, line on line, A little here, a little there.”

What is Isaiah speaking about through the Spirit of the living God? I was taught early in my Christian walk that this meant God gives us a little here and a little there. That thought may be true in regard to how God deals with His children, but it is not what the Prophet had in mind. He is describing how the Lord saw the Israelites as a mocking people. In response, the Prophet is mocking them in what he has to say from the Lord.

How do we receive the Word of the Lord? Many of God’s people today, as Israel of old, regard lightly God’s Word to them. It is easy to reject a sermon when the minister begins to deal with one’s heart condition or one’s attitudes. Today, many want the minister of the gospel to make them feel good about themselves. There are those who feel safe because they are sitting comfortably in a church with a pastor who is feeding them pabulum. Israel, in Isaiah’s day, was comfortable in their religion and their compromise of God’s true purposes through them.

God began to speak to His people through the Assyrians who threatened the Israelites’ safe abode. The Assyrians represented a pending judgment to the people of God. They spoke a language that was foreign to the Hebrews. God was warning Israel to repent and turn back to Him. They refused to listen to the Spirit of God through the Prophet. They continued to mock the Prophet’s word. Calamity came upon them.

Today, as in Isaiah’s day, the Lord is looking for His people to open their hearts to Him. In this passage, God used foreigners that did not speak the Hebrew language to be the instrument of His judgment. What is the Lord using in our lives? Could it be the threat of radical Islam? What about the possibility of economic collapse? Could it be poor leadership in the State and Federal government?

Ask the Spirit of God to increase your respect and honor of God’s Word. Ask Him to protect you from mocking the Word of the Lord in your life, and open your heart to hear and receive His corrections. Ask Him for power in the Holy Spirit to live godly in an ungodly culture. Pray for revival!