San Diego Church Network History

San Diego Church Network began in 1984 when a message was directed by the Lord to bring pastors together for prayer and relationship building. A network of pastors within San Diego began to form out of a shared prayer time each week. Some very large and influential churches have formed out of this network. Also cities have been taken back from the enemy and claimed for Christ. Today there are many pastor prayer clusters throughout the San Diego Region. Ministry expansion has occurred through many methods, including books, preaching and teaching both at home and abroad, and through sponsored conferences and seminars. These relationships are creating love and respect which is tearing down the enemies strongholds.

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Welcome from George Runyan

Thank you for stopping by City Church Ministries Web Site.

Beginning in 1974, I was part of a pastor’s fellowship that met once a week. The pastors were from many different church organizations with a common question. What would it be like if we all were in covenant relationship with a common concern for reaching San Diego for the Kingdom of God?

In 1984, the Lord spoke to me to bring His pastors together for prayer. He gave to me three clear keys:

  • The message we carry is the kingdom of God and not the church. The church is a conduit for the message of God’s Kingdom purpose.

  • Those pastors must see they are in covenant relationship through the blood of Jesus and through their locality, the city in which they live.

  • When pastors pray together, they will begin to hear and to know one another’s heart.

From this meager beginning in 1984, the word of the Lord has grown throughout the San Diego region with hundreds of pastors praying and working together with a common goal of advancing the kingdom of God in every community.

City Church Ministries remains committed to the Church of the Locality and churches working together throughout the San Diego region. As you view our web site, please take advantage of the many ministries that have been raised up to serve the body of Christ, especially the many “Healing Ministries”.

I hope you will find the site a good resource for your personal life and your particular ministry concerns.

In his Love and Grace, George Runyan – Founder and Director