George Runyan

Bio on George Runyan:

George Runyan gave his life to Christ in (1958). He received his calling from the Lord in 1960. He was ordained in 1973. He holds a Bachelor of Theology and a Master of Theological Studies.


Pastor Runyan has been involved with planting eleven churches nationally and internationally. He is Founder and Director of City Church Ministries, networking with hundreds of pastors and civic leaders throughout the San Diego region. He is a Faculty member of Vision International University where he serves on the Board of Regents. He is an author and has been a radio broadcaster for many years.


George is working with ministers from other cities who carry a similar vision for a united church in the locality. His passion has been to see the walls of separation between churches, ethnic groups, and civil government broken down. He has a strong teaching and counseling anointing.

He has authored a number of booklets, training materials, and has two books on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.


George and his lovely wife Becky have seven children and sixteen grandchildren. They live near San Diego, California.