1. Two ways to consider The Healing Ministry.


    a. Natural Reasoning (Man’s Way)

    b. By the Word (God’s Way)


    I am not teaching you not to go to a doctor. My purpose is to simply teach God’s view and His way on the subject of healing.


    1. Our subject “To teach God’s way regarding healing.” We must prepare ourselves regarding God’s way revealed in His word. “Buy the truth and sell it not” Proverbs 23:23. What can you give Him in exchange truth? OUR LIFE AND OUR VIEWS – Give me heavens perspective (can only be known by God’s Word)!


    1. Our need, is His truth about Divine Healing.

    a. God wants us to surrender our viewpoints to Him and receive His.

    b. God will not accept our natural reasoning on any subject.

    c. We must ask for the Spirit’s help to receive the word of God on this or any other subject.

    d. His Covenant Word is our only authority (Luke 4:36)


    1. The World only knows the natural way of thinking and reasoning (1 Corinthians 2:9-16)

    a. Man’s ways can turn into a real mess.

    b. We’re not crusading against doctors, or medical science. They keep a lot of people from dying at an early age.

    c. There are a lot of Spirit-filled Christians dying at an early age.

    d. On a percentage bases there are as many Christians in hospitals, rest homes and mental institutions as there are unbelievers.


    1. God is calling us to represent His way

    a. We must decide if we will trust God’s Word and choose His way or will I just surrender to the natural reasoning – Hebrews 6:1

    b. Many churches preach another gospel or at best a lesser gospel than what Jesus and the Apostle’s taught and practiced.

    c. What is the Gospel? Matthew 10:7-8


    1. By the time you get through with this course, by God’s grace, you will find out that healing is just as much a part of Salvation as deliverance from sin for your soul.

    a. I will document by the Bible that the good news is for the whole man. This thought will be a major part of the course. (Some churches do have another gospel because this aspect of the good news it is never included and the people die or perish never hearing the truth).

    b. Let’s get our position firmly fixed in our mind. “Lord let me have an anointing that I will be able to consider things in the light of your Word.”

    c. God did a good thing when He created man. He wants to get our thinking lined up with His in all matters. He called us to be His representatives on earth.


    1. Jesus has been my Physician for years. He is doing a wonderful job. He doesn’t need X-rays. He knows what is going on inside (Do you believe that?). Let’s consult with Him first the next time we need an appointment.


    1. We can get on the victory train, the train of His Triumph (2 Corinthians 2:2:14)

    a. Jesus has overcome the enemy. This includes overcoming the enemy regarding sickness and disease. If we leave this out of the equation, we might be defeated all the time. The Lord wants us to walk in His victory.

    b. If we have a defeat in the area of healing, it doesn’t mean we are failures, we are just learning how to receive the life of Christ for healing

    c. Let’s not be hard on people who think we are kind of strange for trusting God for healing and health

    d. We are all going to have to face some of these issues personally, trusting the Lord for His help


    1. Stand in faith: I will not have this thing in my life for the Word of God say, “He who the Son sets free is free indeed” John 8:36.

    a. So we won’t be discussing man’s way again after this introduction.

    b. Let’s trust God to enter into His wonderful provisions


    1. Today, the Spirit is moving in His church in the area of overcoming.

    a. Romans 16:20 says “The God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly.”

    b. The Spirit is bringing His influence into the church to change our paradigm about many areas.

    c. John 14:12: The sick can be healed, the sinful forgiven at your ministry (greater because we release the Spirit).


    1. By way of introduction to this subject let’s look at Matthew 1:21. Throughout the chapters of the Bible we find healing for God’s people. I want you to see that healing is found in Matthew 1:21.


    a. The word “Salvation” means a place of safety. If this great Christ has brought His people into a place of safety from their sins, He would also have to bring them into a place of safety from sickness and disease.

    b. Three Reasons:

    1. All sickness and disease are a direct result of sin. Roman’s 5:12 (We’ll see this later in the class).

    2. Sickness and disease come out of the kingdom of darkness

    3. So we do not perish before our it is our appointed time to die (Sickness and disease is nothing more than a slow death).


    1. You can’t say you are partaking of the abundant life that is in Christ when you have a chronic disease or sickness. John 10:10 (Do you agree?)


    Scriptures like John 3:16 tell us that God sent His Son into the world so people would not have to perish. We need to be hungry to have the message of healing included in our view and our ministry

    Romans 1:16 Paul declares that he is not ashamed of the “good news”


    The good news of healing can lead to the acceptance of the good news of forgiveness and acceptance of our heavenly Father.


    Healing is the “dinner bell” of salvation from sin and the kingdom of darkness.