Another vital area of understanding relates to what the Bible addresses as “holy nation.” The nation of Israel in the Bible was made up of twelve tribes. Eleven of those tribes inherited the land which God gave them to conquer. One tribe, the tribe of Levi, became a priestly tribe that had no inheritance in the natural land. This tribe did service before the Lord on behalf of the other eleven tribes who supported the priestly tribe of Levi through the tithes of their first fruits.

Jesus changed the whole administration of Israel when He established the New Covenant through His Blood and Body. He over-came the enemy of our souls. He did away with tribalism and gave us “one new man in Christ.” He made His new covenant believers, a “kingdom of priests.” He recreated the holy nation through the work of the cross and the outpouring of His Holy Spirit. He declared it to be His qahal or ecclesia, called out ones to govern. In our English Bibles, it is translated church. Peter called it, “a holy nation, His own special people,” (1 Peter 2:9b NKJV). The church includes every believer in Christ.

A part of that new administration Jesus established is what Ephesians 4:11 pictures as a five-fold ministry strategy. We read of the ascension gifts given by the Lord to His church. How we relate to these gifts is critical in terms of spiritual warfare. These gifts represent “the government of God” on the earth. Christ’s kingdom is intended to be led by clearly defined governmental servant leaders. The failure to uphold these gifted ministries that the Lord intended to lead His church has caused us to struggle in fighting the battle to which we have been called. The failure of leadership to understand these graces also has caused His church to struggle in terms of true apostolic authority needed in the battle. In fact, by not following the Lord’s architecture, it has caused a large part of the church to be in very weak positions in the battle against spiritual forces. It has caused the church to be subnormal in its ability to disciple nations to Christ, let alone help individual believers fight the battles that they must fight daily.