In the regeneration of our spirit the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us. He causes us to become aware of God’s presence. He gives us what the Bible calls gifts or graces. I refer to these graces as spiritual senses which He uses to help develop our spirit with a view of bringing us to a mature state in Christ. Those senses are faith, hope, love, true worship, and reverential fear of God. Through these senses our spirit ministers to our soul to help mature the senses of our soul which we will look at next.

In the second part of our salvation, warfare is fought in our soul on a daily basis. Our soul by nature is self-conscious and requires a daily reorientation to the Spirit instead of ourselves. Our salvation is meant to be applied in our lives on a daily basis. The Bible calls this sanctification, which means separation unto God or holy living. Grace is more than the free gift of eternal life; it is the gift to be able to live this life in a consistent way: “for it is God who works in us, both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:13 NKJV).

Our soul consists of five senses which need the salvation of our regenerated spirit man. Salvation must be applied to the natural areas of the soul. Those five senses are: reasonings, affections, imaginations, memories, and conscience. Each is controlled by our intellect, emotions, and will. The world, the flesh, and the devil influence these three controls of our soul and then attack the five senses of the soul in order to dominate our life.

It is important to commit these five senses to God and the power of the Holy Spirit every day. The Bible specifically addresses each of these senses.