Baptism with the Holy Spirit:

John the Baptist gave us the phrase: “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” (Matthew 3:11b NASB). Only John used this terminology regarding the Spirit. The baptism with the Holy Spirit is the comprehensive work of the Spirit. In the book of Acts, there are many in-fillings and refreshing’s of the Spirit mentioned, but five specific comings of the Spirit:

  • Acts 2: The Day of Pentecost
  • Acts 8: The Samaritans
  • Acts 9: The experience of Paul
  • Acts 10: The Gentiles receive the same that the Jews had received
  • Acts 19: The disciples of John the Baptist receive the Spirit.

Look up each of these chapters in Acts, read and study the initial outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The lessons of these chapters become very important to understanding the apostle’s writings throughout the New Testament. The Spirit’s coming is the essence of the New Testament. He is essential to the birth and ministry of Jesus. He is essential to the resurrection and regeneration. He is essential to the new birth of every believer. He is the promise of the Father. He is the down payment of the believers inheritance. He gives the gifts and He produces the fruit and He reveals the mind of God.