1 Corinthians 12:10 – To another the gift of prophecy is given.

Prophecy is one of the greatest gifts the Holy Spirit gives to God’s people. Paul encouraged the Corinthians with the words “all may prophesy” (1 Corinthians 14:31). I believe what makes this a great gift is the fact that all can prophesy. Individuals learn and are exhorted through this gift. God’s people are encouraged to go forward and enter into all the Lord has appointed for them. Many times, the words are very specific and help in guiding a person in a particular direction. Prophecy is supernatural in its nature because it comes by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Prophecy is not the natural words of encouragement or teaching, which can be beneficial. The prophetic gift operates as the Holy Spirit stirs up a believer to speak. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will speak one word to a person in order to “prime the pump” for speaking more. Other times it might be a vision that one sees. Most of the time, it is by inspiration and one does not know what will follow the initial word or words the Spirit has given. The Bible connects “faith” to the gift of prophecy. “Prophesy, according to the proportion of faith you have” (Romans 12:6).

The gift of prophecy is a great way to become familiar with the Holy Spirit’s leading and directing. The gift can operate while praying for another, while sharing the gospel, or just encouraging someone in the natural. All of a sudden, the Holy Spirit releases a supernatural word of learning and encouragement. The gift of prophecy can be helpful in leading to the operation of other gifts as the Spirit leads.

I have had prophetic words spoken over my life for the last forty-seven years. Many of these words were very accurate in the detail they contained. This has been helpful for me to continue in the Lord’s direction for my life. At times, these words called me to specific areas of ministry. The Lord had already placed the call in my heart, but others were used to confirm His leading. I have been honored to be used by the Holy Spirit to provide the same ministry to others.

Ask the Holy Spirit to heighten your sensitivity to His presence and to begin to use you in an ever-increasing way in the “gift of prophecy.” You will be astonished how often you begin to share under the anointing of the Spirit of God. How blessed people will be as the Lord uses you to be an instrument of encouragement and learning!