1 Corinthians 12:8 – To one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit.

It is important to understand from this verse of Scripture that Paul is addressing order in the public gathering. As the Spirit directs the meeting, a number of individuals may be chosen to be used in a variety of the gifts. This is the reason, Paul specified, “to one is given.” Believers should have an expectation for the manifestation of these gifts in their gatherings. A few people may be used to speak a “word of wisdom” while others may be used in another gift. Please take note; as we learn to be led by the Spirit, it is important for leadership to be listening carefully for the Spirit’s promptings in the gathering.

Any and all of the gifts are readily available to believers, relating to their individual walk with the Lord. Many times, I have experienced the gift of wisdom in counseling. I may receive a thought that did not come from my natural reasoning, but rather the prompting of the Holy Spirit as He guides me in the counseling session. In past years, I experienced the Holy Spirit guiding me through a word of wisdom to solve problems while working a secular job. How honored the believer is to have a close relationship with the Holy Spirit! We can ask Him to release the word of wisdom as needed in any given situation.

The Scriptures place a great deal of emphasis on the importance of wisdom in one’s life. We find this especially true in the book of Proverbs. By studying and applying God’s Word, one will move in wisdom on a regular basis. Please understand, there is a difference between gaining wisdom from studying God’s Word and the gift of the “word of wisdom” which is an immediate word from heaven given by the Spirit of God. Paul encourages each of us to seek after the best gifts. Truly, the word of wisdom is to be highly sought after.

Begin to ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of the word of wisdom every day. Ask Him to give you a great desire for the word of wisdom and to cause you to be sensitive to His promptings when He wants to speak to you and release this awesome gift.