James 1:18 – In the exercise of His will He brought us forth by the word of truth, so that we would be a kind of first fruits among His creatures.

God exercises His will, motivated by His nature of love. The will of God is always rooted in truth and righteousness. There is no deception or hidden motive in what our Lord does. God has fully revealed His motives in His Word, the Bible. If that was not enough, He revealed Himself by sending Jesus, His only begotten Son. Both would have been sufficient, but He also chose to send His Holy Spirit to indwell the believer and reproduce what He created in Christ Jesus. The first century Christians became the “first fruits” of this new creation He is forming in the earth. His motivation and His purpose were to join heaven and earth in one accord through the life of His Son. The mandated work of the Holy Spirit is to accomplish this purpose of the Father. If you have received, by faith, the work of Christ and the Blessed Holy Spirit, you too are part of the exercise of His will by “the word of truth.”

All truth is eternal. Truth can only come from an eternal God. It may be revealed truth concerning the natural creation as science explores the heavens and the earth. Moment by moment, man is discovering hidden truths of this marvelous creation. It might be the revelation of the “word of truth” found in the pages of Scripture. The early apostles came to understand the truths the Holy Spirit was revealing to them out of the Old Testament. They also received new truths because of what Christ accomplished in His death, burial and resurrection. The Reformers received fresh understanding to restore the church back to her original purpose. Today, God is still revealing truth to His people. None have completely discovered the depths of God’s Word. I never cease to be amazed, how after knowing Christ and studying the Word of God for many years, He is still taking me into deeper understanding of His Truth. I am so finite and He is so infinite! As I hunger for more truth, He is present to help me apply what He has already shown me. He is also pleased to pull back the curtain a little more and show me more of His mysteries hidden in His love and grace.

Are you hungry for more understanding of His word of truth? The Holy Spirit stands ready to accommodate us. All we need to do is apply what He has already revealed and ask for more from the Holy Spirit. You will be surprised how much He will open your spirit and affect your mind with His powerful word of truth.