1 Corinthians 12:8 – To another the word of knowledge according to the same Spirit.

Paul reminds us that the same Spirit, who gives the word of wisdom to one, gives the word of knowledge to another. Paul is addressing the public gathering of believers and the need for godly order in the meeting.  The Holy Spirit, who is charged with distributing the gifts, is also residing in each believer. He can release a gift through any believer at His will. The “word of knowledge” is not the knowledge one receives by diligent study or from a teacher in the classroom, but rather a supernatural word the Holy Spirit imparts. It is information the Spirit is privy to know, He chooses to share this information to accomplish His particular purpose. The word of knowledge can be very helpful in assisting when ministering to another. At times, the Spirit of the Lord will give a needed word of knowledge to assist a believer in problem solving.

I have experienced this gift operating when I had come to the end of my natural reasoning in a matter. I had exhausted my own resources of information and needed a word which the Holy Spirit held. Other times, while an individual is sharing with me their perspective, I will be praying, “Lord, give me Your supernatural knowledge of what this one needs.” Shortly, a word would come into my mind, or a picture that usually does not make sense to me, but communicated exactly what the other person needed.  Our God is great! He is close to us by His Holy Spirit, and so willing to share His gifts with all His children. Develop a discipline of asking the Holy Spirit for a “word of knowledge” and see if He begins to share with you what you need to know. On a personal note, when I have lost something, I have asked the Holy Spirit to give me a word of direction to find the lost item. Many times, He has. It is not magic, but His word of knowledge freely given.

Go ahead. Begin to ask the Holy Spirit for the word of knowledge to operate in your life. Thank Him for the times this gift has operated, even though you did not recognize the knowledge you had received actually came from Him. He is closer than most of us realize. Nurture the relationship we have been so blessed to have with the Living God!