The Path That Leads Us To The Cross Part II

I know that legally Christians died, and rose again in Christ. That in him our old man is legally dead, and In Him we are New Creations, that old things have passed away and all things have become new (Romans 6:1-14; 2 Cor. 5:17). I know that in Christ I have every thing I need to live godly in Him. Yet how many who profess Christ as their Lord, have really ever experienced this New Creation life, outside of making a few faith confessions attesting to it. Too many times even though I’ve come to the narrow gate, I’ve not wanted to walk the narrow path.

It was Christ who taught us, that to put your hand to the plow and turn back would disqualify you for the Kingdom, yet in my own life many times I’ve turned back, and then it seemed had to begin my journey to completeness, in Him, all over again. Even now I find myself resisting the path He has chosen for me, and wanting to go my way, then I have to repent and say, Not my will, but Your will. It’s not an easy path, this narrow way. Perhaps many of us have been disillusioned by pastors, and seemingly great Christian leaders who have preached great Christian truths to us from the pulpit, and yet never lived up in their own lives, falling to sexual sins, or to the love of money.

Yet, Jesus told Peter not to worry about the path that John’s life would follow, but said, “You follow Me.” It was also Jesus who told His disciples concerning the teaching of the scribes and Pharisees, “do what they say, but not what they do.” This would indicate to us that we each individually have a choice to make, follow Christ or follow the crowd, or even to follow false teachers or prophets. To follow Christ is a difficult and demanding choice, that brings forth fruit that endures. To follow the crowd is easy and produces no fruit.

Yes, we know in our hearts that we died with Him, and that we are to reckon ourselves dead to sin and alive in Christ, yet how many truly live in that reality? Is is because we that after we came to the gate, that we never traversed that narrow path, that denies us our way, and leads us to His likeness? We are crucified with Christ, raised up in His likeness, yet most of us are not willing to die daily to our plans and purposes, to do what we want, that we never fully come into the reality of resurrection life by submitting to Him and living life in the Spirit.

We call Him Lord, Lord, yet are not often willing to do as He has commanded us. 2 Cor. 3:17, if understood properly reads, “Now the Lord is that Spirit, and were the Spirit is Lord there is liberty.” What it says is Christian liberty only comes when He is Lord, over every area of our life. Therefore, even though legally we are dead, to experience our new life in Christ we must submit to His Lordship, taking up our cross daily and following Him. Paul said in speaking of the resurrection we have in Christ, “I die daily. Why else would I daily endure what I do? What advantage is that to me, if the dead do not rise?”

Yes, it’s very true that in Christ I died, and that I also am a partaker of His 1st resurrection. I am a new creation, old things have passed away, and all things have become new, in Him. But at the same time I online viagra am no longer my own, I am bought with a price. If He truly is my Lord I must stop resisting His work, or discipline, in my life. I must humbly accept the purpose to which He has called me, and not look back, counting those things left behind as nothing that I might obtain Christ.

Paul knew and understood fully the freedom He had in Christ, yet willing gave up his own self life, to become a love slave to Christ. How many times did he refer to himself as a servant, some times even as a prisoner of Christ. Paul was not ashamed of his chains, being bound to the express plan and purpose of God for his life, not yet attaining but still pressing on into the prize of the high call of God, in Christ Jesus.

Yes, legally in Christ we are dead and raised up with Him in heavenly places, we are complete in Him Who is the Head, all these great and precious promises are ours now in Christ, yet to experience them means we must daily submit to His Lordship. To experience the power of His resurrection in this lifetime we must chose which path we will take. Far to many will never experience the power of Christ in their lives, because they resist His work in our lives to to bring us to a life wholly consecrated unto Him. A life where everything we have, our money, our time, everything belongs to Him, and we just become good stewards of all that He’s given us. A life we can’t live in our own strength and ability, but only in the power of His abundant grace.

Blessings. Jerry & Kazuko Sorrow

Naha City Church Ministries
Jerry & Kazuko Sorrow