Mark 9:35-36 – If any wants to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.

In Jesus’ statement to His disciples, and to us now, He establishes the order of God’s kingdom. This is in direct contrast to the systems of the world. In the world, the order is to do whatever you must to succeed and get to the top. This is an attitude which is directly related to the problem of sin and evil. Men, ever since the fall, have striven for authority, control, and domination. These are major struggles in the human experience.

The solution is found in Christ. Headship begins with a benevolent Heavenly Father who so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. This amazing favor flows from God’s Throne to earth. True authority originates with God. God sends to all humanity His “Obedient Son.” Because of Christ’s obedience to the Father’s authority, the kingdom of God is established in the earth. The authority of God is reigning in a Man. The Lord Jesus Christ first endured the cross as God’s perfect sacrifice for sin. He broke Satan’s power over humanity and made it possible once again, to be restored to God. God established Christ, the Man, as Sovereign over mankind. When we choose Christ and obey His command to repent and be baptized, we exchange one type of authority, the kingdom of darkness, for another, the kingdom of God.

The Father promised the Son Their Holy Spirit would be given to everyone who would trust in Christ. Through the “Power of Their life-giving Spirit,” we receive of the kingdom of God and are given authority in the earth. An authority over Satan’s kingdom, an authority in our sphere of influence, an authority over sickness and disease and most importantly, an authority over the self-nature that is rooted in sin.

In the Holy Spirit, we have authority to receive the “new creation man.” In the earth, God’s people are reigning with Christ. The Lord’s Church is to be led by those surrendered to the Life of the Holy Spirit as “gifted” (grace-filled leaders) who are watching out for the souls of God’s people. They are to be servant-minded individuals who see themselves as last of all and servant of all.

Father, I thank You for the order of Your kingdom. Fill me with the Holy Spirit and create in me the heart of a servant. Help me choose a daily posture of humility and servanthood. I choose to walk under Your authority that begins at Your Throne. I pray for Your new creation man to be fully manifested in my life.