Judges 6:34 – So the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon; and he blew a trumpet.

After the angel of God had called Gideon, He gave him instructions to tear down the altar of Baal using his father’s bull. He was further instructed to take a second bull, seven years old and offer it as a sacrifice using the wood from Baal’s altar. Gideon did as he was instructed. Of course, this caused a great anger among the men of the city and they sought to kill Gideon. The Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon and Gideon blew a trumpet to summon the men of Israel to battle.

Jesus was anointed with God’s Holy Spirit and power to destroy the works of the devil (Acts 10:38). Jesus, in turn, when raised from the dead and ascended to the Father’s right hand poured out the Holy Spirit on all who believed in Him. We, like Gideon of old, are called to “blow the trumpet” of God’s Word. We are to proclaim that “Jesus is Lord” and that the “promise of the Father” has come, the Mighty Holy Spirit. We are to proclaim the “command to repent” for the Day of the Lord has come. This repentance includes turning from a lifestyle of self to living for the Lord Jesus Christ. The trumpet sound is going out in the entire world calling for the nations to surrender to Jesus, God’s eternal king. As believers, we are to declare justice and righteousness throughout the land.

In Gideon’s day, false religion had taken control of society. God raised up a deliverer in the man Gideon. Today, false religion dominates society throughout the world, but a Savior/Redeemer is among us. Jesus has torn down the altars of false gods and is reigning as God’s Anointed King. He is summoning a people, filled with His Holy Spirit, to be bold like Gideon and stand against the gods of our times. The Lord is looking for the Gideon’s who might have some fear, who will test the Lord’s Word, but ultimately will obey and subdue the enemy in their life and the lives of others. As the people of God, we must stand together against unrighteousness in the nation. It is our responsibility to help lead our nation back to God’s will and His purpose.

Gideon presented a fleece and put it before the Lord because of what he had heard. What has the Lord been saying to you? If you have not heard His Spirit speaking to you, take time in his presence and in His Word. Then, as He speaks, prove the Word in the way He directs you. Fear not, the Lord declares, for I am with you!