Report – India Trip 2011

April 7, 2011

Greetings to all our Faithful Friends,
Many wonderful things are happening in the land of 1.2 billion people. I received a report from Abraham and Sheila Shakar who visited the Healing Rooms in San Diego in 2005. Chris Leeper and I were with them in 2006 as they launched the Healing Rooms in India. They just celebrated 5 years of Healing Room growth with around 1,000 rooms having been established. They are expecting many more to be added in the future.

We have seen wonderful growth since the last time we were here in 2009. After a day’s rest in Hyderabad, our first stop for 3 days was in Choppadandi, Andhra Pradesh ministering to Pastor Amos Rayala and his congregation. Around 700 people attended the meetings. The gathering was day and night with all night prayer. There were over one hundred reported salvations and many filled with the Holy Spirit. Many healings and deliverances were experienced. Our time with Pastor Amos was especially meaningful. He has raised up a very influential church assembly without any Western help, mostly through signs and wonders. Out of the work, over thirty churches have been planted. We are the first Westerners to have ministered to the work. A good relationship is developing with Amos. Chris and I believe our investment of time and finances has been well spent.

From there, we traveled 5 hours to Palvancha City were we have our Promise Land Orphanage under the leadership of Steven Anil Kumar. Steven has been associated with M1M for 7 years as Director of the Promise Land Orphanage. Today, he also serves as Overseer of M1M in the state of Andhra Pradesh and works with many pastors in his community. We visited our orphans, and they are all doing very well. What beautiful children they are! They are very respectful and very obedient. On their own, they came one at a time, asking us to lay hands on them and pray over their life. Building expansion is in the near future as finances become available. There is also the possibility of land next to the orphanage being used to facilitate buildings for many different uses.

We held a two day Pastors’ Conference with about 75 pastors in attendance. Our theme was “Kingdom Leadership Development”. The response was very encouraging. Many told us of how much they learned and how helpful it was to learn how to be a better leader. They learned that Jesus built a “team of servant leaders” to accomplish the task He gave of expanding the kingdom of God. I shared with them that the Apostle Thomas had vision to go to India, where he lost his life as a martyr. He is raising up the next generation to participate in His kingdom purpose in India. God loves India and remembers the Blood of His Son. He also remembers the blood of those martyred over the centuries.

From Palvancha, we took the night train back to Hyderabad to catch a plan to Bangalore. From there, we drove 7 hours to Lakkavalli, the home town of CS John, our director of ministry in Southern India. He oversees 45 pastors and 5 orphanages. The next evening, while returning to our hotel, a motorcyclist hit the side mirror our jeep. He suffered severe head and leg injuries. My window was open and the glass from the shattered mirror hit me in the face. I had glass in my face and mouth. The Lord spared me from any severe injuries. We remain in prayer for the man hurt on the motorcycle. CS John told us, “this will probably take three years to settle”.

The next day, we drove to Chickamaglore, a town about 2 hours away. We did a one day pastors’ seminar and again taught on “Kingdom Leadership Development”. The pastors are very hungry for what Chris and I are caring from the Lord. We believe our work in India has taken major moves forward as a result of the trip.

Sunday, we were with CS John and the congregation he oversees. It was a great gathering of God’s people. Our orphans were there in the service. It was wonderful to watch them worship and listen diligently to God’s Word. The Spirit of the Lord was visibly manifested in the preaching and ministry.

Monday, we did our last pastors’ conference at CS John’s place with hundreds in attendance. Again, Chris and I unpacked the message of the “kingdom of God”. We spoke of the inner man and how to develop as kingdom leaders. We taught how to raise up disciples surrendered to God’s eternal purposes. On Tuesday, we dedicated a new building that can seat around 300 believers. Afterwards, we travelled 7 hours to Bangalore to catch our flight back to good old San Diego.

If you would like more information about M1M, please go to our web site You can also contact Chris Leeper or me directly. Like all ministries, we need partners to help us fulfill the great commission. A gift of $30.00 a month will completely support a child in one of our orphanages. The needs are always large, so please pray for M1M. If the Lord leads you to help us financially, Chris and I thank you in advance for your assistance in helping to disciple many in India.

The Grace of our Lord be with you all,

George Runyan