Mark 16:17 – These signs will accompany those who have believed.

What a wonderful promise our Lord has given us. The word miracle denotes a non-natural, beyond natural, supernatural order of things. A miracle is a work contrary to nature, the accomplishments of which we are unaccustomed to experiencing. The gift of the working of miracles operates by the energy or dynamic force of the Spirit of God. It is a sovereign act of the Spirit of God, irrespective of laws or systems that we understand.

Some of the operations of this gift are found both in the Old and New Testament. They are seen when God delivered His people from bondage, Exodus 14:16. God provided for those in need while in the wilderness, Exodus 17:5-6. In the New Testament, miracles confirm the preached Word, Acts 8:6. Miracles deliver people at times of unavoidable situations of danger, Acts 19:11-12. Miracles display God’s power and magnificence, Psalm 150:2. Miracles show forth His excellent greatness!

Miracles are explosions of God’s almighty signs and wonders. Miracles are an expression of the divine, walking among men. Miracles are tokens of His invisible power. Miracles fall into the realm of recreation, not just mere healing. There are miraculous occasions we find mentioned in the Scriptures and recorded in history. Some examples are the deliverance ministry, when evil spirits come out of people. There are occasions when new limbs are given, blind eyes are opened, deaf ears are unstopped, a new organ given, and unexplained events taking place. The most powerful miracle is the resurrection of the dead.

God’s people, who have been saved by the power of God, need to give time to meditating on the “miraculous.” The miraculous should be a part of our walk with Christ, in the Power of the Holy Spirit. A lifestyle of the miraculous should not be foreign or strange. As a believer in the Lord, we should come to expect the Holy Spirit to break into our natural world and perform “signs and wonders.” Those that want to argue against the miraculous will be those that seldom see God’s miraculous hand. I choose to live a life of expectation resulting in many experiences of God’s intervention into my natural world with supernatural occurrences.

Won’t you join me in expectation of God’s promises to those who believe? Ask the Holy Spirit to perform mighty signs and wonders through you on behalf of those in need of the power of God. Father, raise my expectation of Your mighty power working with me and through me on a daily basis for Your glory.