From the Desk of George Runyan

INDIA TRIP REPORT – October 5, 2009

Dear Friends:
Our team has traveled over 20,000 miles by air and 2,350 miles traveled by van. I won’t give you all the names of cities visited, but an overview of places we visited and ministered.

The first place we stopped was a place called Killing Mountain, 7 hours by road north of Bangalore. We visited an orphanage begun by a pastor and his wife as they learned of babies being killed by parents through the encouragement of the religious Hindu priests. If the child’s “astrological” reading was bad, the parents were encouraged to kill the child. We spent time encouraging the pastor and sharing toys as well playing with the children. We are praying and asking “what the Lord would have us to do to support this worthy work”.

We visited a number of our “Life Centers” where we have an orphanage established and a church congregation with plans for Bible Schools. Our goal is to raise these children from an early age by housing, feeding, clothing and educating. Of course they are led to Christ and His saving grace. They are encouraged with worship, prayer and the scriptures. Our hope is that these children will grow up to serve the Lord among their people. Many trained for ministry in the pastorate and evangelism and those that will take their place in the culture in some sort of commerce.

We preached/taught and ministered in some churches holding pastor conferences. Our message was focused on the kingdom of God and extending the kingdom in India. I shared on the “three keys of the kingdom given to Peter by Jesus: Repentance, Baptism and Receiving the Holy Spirit. We saw many give their life to Christ, baptized in water and a large number baptized in the Holy Spirit. Chris focused on repentance, dealing with fear and having peace with God. We brought teachings on faith as well, especially encouraging pastors and evangelists to endure headship.

We also were able to meet with our key leaders and reaffirm our vision and values. We were able to resolve problems that happen because of distance and difficulty in communication. Chris and I are encouraged with the leaders that the Lord has given to us. We are assured that they will be able to communicate more clearly the vision of Mission One Million (M1M) to our many Overseers of the work throughout India.

We are supporting over 200 orphans at present. It costs about $30.00 a month to house, feed, clothe and educate the children. Many are suffering because we have had to cut back on financial support with the falling off of the economy. The money gets spread out to about $10.00 per child which is very difficult.

We need continual committed support from our current supporters and we need new partners to partner with us. This ministry is a first priority of scripture “remembering the orphans”. You are not only meeting the present need of a child, but their future influence for Christ in the nation. I am so pleased that a number of folks have already said to “count them in”! If you would commit to support a child for $30.00 a month we will send you a picture and the testimony of the child your investing in. Can I count on you today?

M1M is committed to full support of the children and trusting the Lord for other ways of covering our overhead and administrative costs. City Church Ministries (CCM) is committed to stand with M1M in this very important outreach. Please let me know if you would chose to sponsor a child. Please contact me with any question or just to say “count on me”. You can reach me by phone (619) 583-4624, E-Mail ( or a note to me at P.O. Box 152388, San Diego, CA 92195. I will tell you how to begin supporting and find out how to get your child’s information to you.

Thanks to each of you who have prayed and those who financially helped make this trip possible. I can truly say that the kingdom of God has been advanced.

In His Grip,

George Runyan

Merciful Ministries