Mark 1:10 – Immediately coming up out of the water, He saw the heavens opening, and the Spirit like a dove descending upon Him.

As Jesus stood in the waters of baptism, He saw the heavens open. Jesus was standing in the very center of God’s will. The water spoke of His coming death, burial, and resurrection. By His action, publically and before heaven, He was declaring, “I am committed to do the Father’s will! I am dead to Myself and alive to the Father’s purpose.” He stood as a man, in the weakness of His flesh, in the same way we are weak. He could only accomplish what He had been sent to do with the Father’s help. Seeing His only begotten Son’s surrender, the Father immediately responded by opening the heavens and sending the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God descended in the form of a dove, his wings spread, and ready to land. The Holy Spirit came to fully cover the Lord Jesus during His earthly ministry. Jesus was totally under the wings of His Heavenly Father’s love and grace. The Spirit of God knew that earth would be His home until the full purpose of the Father was completed. Jesus was the first man whom the Spirit came to rest and remain, but many more would follow.

In like manner, the disciples obeyed their Lord when He instructed them to “wait in Jerusalem for the promise of the Father” (Luke 24:49). They truly did not know what to expect, but they obeyed. Ten days later, the Holy Spirit came “like a violent rushing wind” (Acts 2:2). He came upon them just as Jesus had promised. One hundred and twenty were waiting in that upper room. This was the same room where the disciples, fifty days earlier, had shared their last meal with Jesus before His crucifixion. Now, God was about to anoint with His Spirit all those who obeyed Jesus’ instructions to wait. The disciples waited to be empowered to do all that Jesus had commanded. We must surrender, as Jesus did, with determination to do the will of the Father. We too, must do what the disciples did, and wait for the promise of the Father. It is one thing to experience the Holy Spirit in a meeting, and quite another to be anointed in order to fulfill the call of God in one’s life.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal if you have only known an experience of His presence or if you have truly been anointed to fulfill God’s will. An experience is made up of feelings, whereas an anointing comes with power and authority to carry out a command. Heavenly Father, I ask You for power to live fully in Your will and be Your witness in my sphere of influence.