Judges 6:7 – Now it came about, when the sons of Israel cried to the Lord on account of Midian, that the Lord sent a prophet to the sons of Israel.

The prophet prophesied deliverance to the children of Israel. Gideon is the man that the Spirit of the Lord chose to deliver Israel. He did not look like a deliverer or sound like one either. When the angel of the Lord addressed Gideon, He said to him, “The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior” (Judges 6:12). Gideon had “why” questions for the angel. Why has all this happened to us? Where are the miracles which our fathers told us about?

Again, we see when God’s people cried out to the Lord, the Lord responded. The Spirit of God raises up prophets to proclaim what is in God’s heart. In the New Testament, all of God’s people are called to be prophetic. Some are called into the office of Prophet. He also anoints those called to lead into the battles that face us. Leaders are developed to lead God’s people to fulfill God’s purpose. Both leaders and people work together in defeating God’s enemies and to establish righteousness in the land.

A leader is first called, but then must be forged. The story of Gideon is the story of how the Spirit of God called a farmer and formed him into a leader. Gideon became a judge of God’s people. The character of leadership is something that all of us should press toward. As a believer, one is automatically called to be a leader. It might be at work or school or in the neighborhood. God has called for His people to learn to lead in society. It is time for the people of God to arise and volunteer to take back territory the enemy has stolen.

As Gideon was visited by the angel of the Lord, he asked hard questions. He sought to prove what he was hearing. God wants us to prove Him. A key to being developed by the Spirit of God is to wait upon Him and test all that we hear so we can obey with true faith. The expression of true faith is found in obedience. Obedience must first be expressed by obeying God’s written word. Obedience requires studying and praying concerning the word of God preached by His servants. Obedience is expressed by becoming sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s promptings in one’s life. This kind of obedience demonstrates a true faith toward God.

In the normal flow of life, the Spirit of the Lord will speak to us and call us to a place of influence in our sphere. When He does, ask the questions that are in your heart. Prove Him fully and then simply obey as Gideon did. Our God wants to show Himself mighty through His willing servants.

Father, speak to me and cause me to be an influence for righteousness in my sphere of influence. Help me to obey as Gideon obeyed and to prove you mighty through my life.