Judges 7:2 – The Lord said to Gideon, The people are too many for Me to give Midian into their hands, for Israel would become boastful, saying, ‘My own power has delivered me.’

What a powerful story of how God delivered His people from the control of Midian. God gave Midian into the hands of His people. The Spirit of God identified one of the largest issues we contend with, “pride.” It is so human for us to take the credit when we are successful, rather than giving God the glory due His holy name. As revealed here in the story of Gideon, God’s wisdom is given to cause His people to be faced with impossible situations by creating a scenario where only God can be glorified.

We should not trust in our own ability or our circumstances in order to have a testimony of success, but in the power of God. Because of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, the Holy Spirit has come to indwell each believer. It is by His indwelling presence that we are assured of good success. Our victory, as with Gideon’s small army, is rooted in God’s great power.

God told Gideon to “release those that were afraid and trembling.” 22,000 men returned home, which left 10,000. God said, “The people are still too many”. God tested the 10,000 by bringing them to the water. There, Gideon separated those who drank by lapping the water with their tongue from those who drank by getting down on their knees. Only 300 lapped the water. Those on their knees were not being diligent to watch for the enemy. Those that lapped were able to look around and watch for the enemy as they quenched their thirst.

The Holy Spirit is the one who supplies power through His gifts. The first gift mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12 is the gift of wisdom. God is looking for willing and diligent people to allow Him to work His mighty power through. It is not an issue of “multitudes,” but a willing and watchful people. 32,000 people were too many for God to have success against Midian, but 300 were perfect for the battle because they were vessels through whom God could manifest His glory.

In what ways are you watching and being diligent on behalf of God’s kingdom? Have you come to the water simply to get your thirst satisfied or have you come to drink to be refreshed for the battle?

Pray with me, “Holy Spirit; create in me the spirit of Gideon’s 300 warriors. Cause me to be ready to do Your bidding through watchfulness and diligence. Use me, Lord, to extend Your kingdom reign in the midst of Your enemies.”