Proverbs 28:13-14 – He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will find compassion. When we are faced with situations in life which keep getting worse, it is time to stop and evaluate the problem and then develop a plan of action to turn things around. This is exactly what the Father did for mankind through the Lord Jesus Christ. We must face our present condition head on. Many try to ignore the conditions that are creating havoc in their lives. Many of God’s people have issues of depression, condemnation, and feelings of being bound with no way out of their circumstances.  What is needed is a new way of thinking. Here are some suggestions to help form a new way of thinking in developing a plan of action.

  • Accept “The New Man” God has made you to be in Christ. It is not just a theological position, but in reality we have been made new in Christ by the work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Apply biblical principles to your situation. Find out what the Bible has to say concerning your problem.
  • Set goals. Part of developing a plan is the setting of goals. Make sure that your goals are realistic. Pray over your goals and invite the Holy Spirit to empower you to attain what you have set.
  • Let others participate with you as you try to attain the goals. Your spouse or a close friend needs to know what you’re struggling with and what your goals are. It is a good idea to have a spiritual leader also involved.
  • Make a clear determination to what you are to give your mind. Establish disciplines and be accountable daily, weekly, and monthly.

The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, but everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty (Proverbs 21:5). What a helpful thought Solomon gives to us. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Solomon tells us that a plan gives us a distinct advantage. The old adage of “haste makes waste” is certainly true in the lives of many. If we have been hasty in the past, we can stop, evaluate our situation, make a plan and turn things around. Father, I thank You for the plan You have for my life. I am sorry for any haste on my part in not waiting on You for clear direction. Help me to plan carefully, be accountable, and have a clear determination in my thoughts.    CLICK ON BOOK TO PURCHASE YOUR OWN PERSONAL COPY!