Judges 5:31 – Thus let all Your enemies perish, O Lord; But let those who love Him be like the rising of the sun in its might.

This verse is taken from the song of Deborah which covers the whole fifth chapter. It is her song of victory after defeating the Canaanites. The enemy had created problems for the work force in Israel. The highways were deserted and travelers went by roundabout ways. Society was in turmoil without security for tomorrow. When God’s people are serving the Lord and His purpose there are “pleasantries.” But when God’s people choose to serve the gods of this world, the pleasantries cease.

At the time of this writing, our nation has forsaken the Spirit of the living God and we are hurting in many areas, just as Israel was at that time. The nations of the world that serve false gods of secular humanism have taken control. Many in the church seek after worldly ways to expand the church, but God’s Spirit is frustrating their efforts.

Deborah, a prophetess and a judge over Israel, received a word from the Lord that He was about to deliver the Canaanites into Israel’s hands. She gave that word to Barak who was told to take an army against Jabin’s army and that Israel would conquer the enemies of God. God’s Spirit is looking for those today, who will hear and obey God’s word. The world is in crisis and only the people of God can bring the deliverance that is needed. It will take those consecrated to the Lord’s will. Judges 5:2 sums up our thought in today’s devotion, “That the leaders led in Israel and the people volunteered.”

God is looking for those called to lead. He is seeking a people that will volunteer. It is time for the people of God to arise and take down the enemies of the Lord. The Spirit of the Lord is looking for the Deborah’s and the Barak’s of today. Read over Deborah’s song in Judges Chapter five and see if the Lord has things to say to you.

Oh Lord, my prayer is that all Your enemies will perish and that those who love You will be like the rising of the sun in its might. Father, strengthen me to be an example in my life of how to overcome the enemies of God. Cause me to be a volunteer wherever Your Holy Spirit leads me to serve in order to accomplish Your purposes in this season.