Hebrews 12:3 – Consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

When life becomes difficult through many trials and tribulations, especially personal attacks because of your faith in Christ, it becomes easy to grow weary and lose heart. This was the case for these Jewish believers. These believing Jews were the “remnant” who trusted Christ. The majority of their fellow Jews rejected Messiah’s Day. That majority made it very difficult on the remnant that trusted the good news of the Gospel of Christ’s overcoming kngdom.

As believers, we have faith in Christ’s finished work through His cross. We also trust in the promised future resurrection of all believers and His glorious return with His saints to judge all unrighteousness. By faith, we receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit, the promise of the Father. When persecution and resistance comes to our faith, it can cause a shaking. When our expectations are delayed, this too can cause us to lose heart as these precious saints were experiencing. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12). The life of faith walks between these two tensions, “hope deferred and desire fulfilled.”

Our author speaks to us as he says, “consider Him.” Jesus’ life is our example. Jesus’ life in us is our hope. Paul exhorts each believer, “Put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him” (Colossians 3:10). Read Colossians and receive Paul’s instructions and his understandings of our battle. We must take action and “put on the new self.” His life is present, but by faith we must put it on day by day. In each new challenge, make it your habit to turn to God your Father and in Jesus’ name through the power of the Holy Spirit, put on the mind of Christ. You might ask, “How is that done?”.

  • When you are faced with difficulties, stop and ask for God’s presence.
  • Recommit your entire life to Christ and surrender your thoughts, emotions, and will to Him.
  • Ask the Father, in Jesus’ name, for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Forgive those who are causing you trouble and thank the Lord for the opportunity to experience the sufferings of Christ.
  • Ask to learn obedience through this time, even as Christ learned obedience through sufferings.
  • Renew your faith in the hope of His glorious return with all His saints.

This will be a good start in putting on the mind of Christ. The Lord has called us to partnership with Him. He did the hard work, now we are to live out what was accomplished through His finished work at Calvary.

Father, in Jesus’ name and through the power of Your Holy Spirit, I ask for the mind of Christ today. As I consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, I know it was for me and all who believe that He suffered. Strengthen me in the hope of my calling as I journey toward that expected day of Christ’s return.