1 Corinthians 12:1 –Concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be unaware.

Notice, the word “gift” is italicized by the translators for clarification. This is because the word “gift” is not found in the original manuscript. Paul’s expression is “spirituals” which refers to spiritual graces. Many have interpreted Paul to be saying that the gifts are like a personal gift that one now possesses. This is far from what Paul had in mind. Today, there is much ignorance regarding these spiritual gifts, just as in Paul’s day. The enemy especially enjoys confusing God’s people regarding spiritual gifts because he knows that if we lay hold of what God has provided in the work of the Spirit, great harm will come to his plans of resistance against the kingdom of God.

Ignorance is one of the enemy’s great weapons to bind up God’s people in their effort to pull down demonic strongholds. The Holy Spirit has been poured out so that we might receive the Father’s plans for taking back what the enemy has stolen. Paul makes it clear throughout his writings that God has provided grace in giving spirituals or grace gifts in order to help us with the tasks He has assigned. All the spirituals are available in the Holy Spirit. They are initiations of the Spirit, so if one has the Spirit of God inside, then all of these spiritual gifts are there and available.

The Holy Spirit chooses when and where the gifts are to be released. Remember that Jesus said “He would not leave us as orphans” (John 14:18). You are in a family surrounded by others who stand with and support you. They encourage you to move into deeper waters in the things of the Spirit. Do not be afraid to let the Holy Spirit have complete control in your life. Step out in faith and trust Him to give you the exact grace you need when the opportunity presents itself.

Simply ask the Holy Spirit what it is that He wants to do at any given time. Begin right now by asking Him for a great sensitivity to His work in and through you. “Father, please guide me in the exercise of spiritual gifts. I need Your help daily to accomplish Your will. I want to experience Your love and power being released through me to others. I yield my life to the Holy Spirit to have complete control.” Pray this every day until it is a part of your daily experience.