Judges 13:25 – The Spirit of the Lord began to stir him.

In Judges, chapter thirteen through chapter sixteen, we find the life story of Samson. Samson’s life began in a supernatural way. His mom was barren. The angel of the Lord visited her and told her that she would bare a son who would deliver Israel from the hand of the Philistines. The angel of the Lord appeared a second time to both Monoah and his wife declaring again that the child would be a Nazirite from birth.

Samson grew up and the Lord blessed him. The Spirit of the Lord began to stir in Samson. When the Spirit of God begins to stir an individual it means that God is directing that one to fulfill the Lord’s purpose. Samson’s purpose in God was to deliver Israel from the enslavement imposed by the Philistines.

The twelve disciples were men that the Spirit of the Lord began to stir. They did not understand what was happening in their lives, but they followed Jesus and learned to obey Him. Throughout the book of Acts many were stirred to action by the Spirit of God. They not only received the Lord’s forgiveness and His promise of eternal life, but they were stirred to give up their lives for a much higher calling and purpose. They had only known their own natural rationale, but when the Spirit of God came upon them, they began to know God’s will and purpose.

Down through history we have numerous stories of those stirred by the Spirit of God to an uncompromising life of surrender to fulfilling an assignment given to them. We are presently living in historic times as the Spirit of the Lord is stirring the next generation of mighty men and women of God. I say historic because of the number of youth that the Lord is calling.

The same Holy Spirit is anointing today a generation of young people. They are operating in unusual amounts of power. They are appointed and anointed to carry out His purpose in the earth. They are being called from every nation to the kingdom of God. They look like average people, but they have the Spirit of the Lord resting upon them. The Spirit is doing great feats in order to accomplish the Lord’s bidding in the nations.

I have spoken of the young people, but it includes older ones as well that are young in spirit. The Spirit of God is joining the older generation with the younger to form a mighty nation that will be victorious in fulfilling the Lord’s desires. Samson, like many of us, had his failings, but the Lord has promised a “victorious church.”

Father, I pray that Your Spirit would stir me and thrust me forth into the battle. I pray for the power of Your Holy Spirit to rest upon me to fulfill every assignment You have appointed me to fulfill.